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Space Digest Today:

This 43-artist book project from 1985 was edited and published by Robert Bowen and Richard Edelman. Joan Ades was the consulting editor. It focused on subject matter loosely related to the topic of space. Most of the artists involved came from the unlikely combination of experimental photography and experimental film. The works in the project were all hand-made by the artists involved, and the project was contained within a wooden box designed to also function as a frame that could display a single work, which could then be rotated out. It is also a kind of Duchampian boîte-en-valise because the individual works contained in the box are distinct and unbound. Theoretically the works from the box could even be taken out, framed and exhibited as a complete traveling exhibition.

Interview: David Levi Strauss, Wooden cabinet: Marc Foxman, Cover: David Horton, Typographic design: Susan Quasha, Tape production: David Weinstein.

Artists: Philip Perkis, Charles Bernstein, Hannah Weiner, Art Spiegelman, Abigail Child, Marc Foxman, David Horton, Fran Shalom, Ray Mortenson, Tim Raymond, Richard Edelman, David Horton, Tim Spelios, Robert Mahon, Harriet Casdin-Silver, Caroline Cox, Joan Ades, Richard Bloes, Robert Bowen, Gerald Marks, Tony Robbin, David Em, Mark Jenkinson, Chris Piazza, Wendy Davis, Ann Knutson, Kate Haller, Leonard Friedland, Cosmo Prete, James Otis, Vincent Grenier, Michael Marston, David Weinstein, David Marc, Charles Wright, Pierre Louaver, Gail Vachon, Waynes Sides, Richard Rew, Heidi Gluck, David Weinstein, Azazel Jacobs, Ken Jacobs Box.jpg Cover page.jpg Contents p1.jpg Contents p2.jpg  Interview 1.jpg
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interview p4 ShalomN.jpg
Fran Shalom MortensonN.jpg
Ray Mortenson Perkis.jpg
Philip Perkis Raymond.jpg
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Richard Edelman Horton.jpg
David Horton Spelios.jpg
Tim Spelios Weiner.jpg Mahon.jpg
Robert Mahon Casdin-SilverN.jpg
Harriet Casdin-Silver Cox.jpg
Caroline Cox Ades.jpg
Joan Ades Bloes.jpg
Richard Bloes Bowen.jpg
Robert Bowen Marks2.jpg
Gerald Marks Robbin.jpg
Tony Robbin Em2.jpg
David Em Jenkinson.jpg
Mark Jenkinson Speigelman2.jpg
Art Spiegelman Piazza2.jpg
Chris Piazza Davis2.jpg
Wendy Davis KnudsonN.jpg
Ann Knudson Haller2.jpg
Kate Haller Bernstein.jpg
Charles Bernstein FriedlandN.jpg
Leonard Friedland PreteN.jpg
Cosmo Prete Otis2.jpg
James Otis Grenier.jpg
Vincent Grenier Marston2.jpg
Michael Marston Child.jpg
Abigail Child Weinstein 1.jpg
David Weinstein Marc2.jpg
David Marc Wright2.jpg
Charles Wright Louaver.jpg
Peter Louaver Vachon2.jpg
Gail Vachon Sides.jpg
Wayne Sides Rew2.jpg
Richard Rew Gluck.jpg
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David Weinstein, Azazel Jacobs, Marc Foxman, Ken Jacobs Foxman2.jpg
Marc Foxman